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NEMO Gogo Shelters ADS

NEMO has been producing lightweight, innovative shelters for several years now. Their hallmark is the AirSupported Technology which precludes the need for traditional poles. Developed by NEMO’s founder after his work on spacesuits and inflatable architecture with NASA, AST™ is a system of low-pressure inflatable tubes (called airbeams) and lightweight pumps that provide a high performance alternative to traditional tent poles. Airbeams are made of two layers, similar to a bicycle tire. An outer layer provides the shape, strength and puncture resistance, while a thin inner bladder holds the air. Feeling winded from a long day humping a ruck? No problem. Each shelter comes with an innovative pump that can be operated by hand or foot and will not over inflate the airbeam.

NEMO Airbeam

Over the last year or so they have begun to adapt their innovative designs for military use. In fact, the Gogo was provided for use during the REF’s lightweight equipment demonstration.

NEMO Gogo in OD

The Gogo is a single wall, one person shelter. It includes a pump and stores in a dry-bag style stuff sack. It has 19 sq ft of floor space with an additional 4.5 sq ft under the vestibule. It’s low profile design is perfect for tactical bivouacs being just 27″ high yet the 42″ width and 113″ length allow you to spread out. It is lightweight (1.9 lbs) and packs to a compact 7” X 5.5”. It features a quick set up (15 sec) and strikes even more quickly (5 sec).

NEMO's Gogo SE in Multicam

The NEMO Gogo SEâ„¢ (shown in Multicam) shares of all the same stats of the standard Gogo but features an extra six inches of length. It also boasts an additional side door for entry, exit, and ventilation.

NEMO tactical shelters come standard in OD, but can be special ordered in special colors like the Multicam shown with a minimum order requirement. All of NEMO‘s tactical shelters are available from ADS.


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