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Warrior West – NEMO Equipment Tetrapod

Friday, May 6th, 2016

During last year’s Warrior East we showed you a prototype of the Tetrapod from NEMO Equipment, a hammock which allows you to lie flat.

It comes complete with tree straps and a canopy, in Alpha Green. Commercial, foreign made versions are available as well the Berry compliant model seen here.

NEMO’s FAS Jump AR Gen III Now Available – First Round Headed To SEAL Team 4

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

This is an announcement from NEMO regarding the update to their FAS watertight weapon bags and their adoption by SEAL Team 4.

NEMO’s successful FAS™ (Full-Action, Sealed™) line of high performance watertight weapon bags has been updated with the FAS™ Jump AR Gen III model. Made in the USA, Gen III is now available for sale direct from NEMO and through major distributors. The bags, designed to protect a weapon from saltwater, sand and other contaminants, utilize stretch fabric panels in a proprietary design to allow normal intuitive operation of the weapon in and out of the water during OTB missions.


FAS™ Jump AR Gen III is currently available for SCAR, M4, 416 and other AR style rifles. Made for high-impact operations, the bag is ruggedized to handle a greater threat of abrasion and puncture. When the weapon is sealed inside the bag and grabbed normally, protected panels of stretch material, allow for the immediate ambidextrous operation of the fire selector and trigger.

New features of the Gen III model include an oral valve to adjust for buoyancy and an ITW rail zipper for a more secure closure. With the added oral valve, the operator can now increase air inside the bag for use as a flotation device or decrease it for diving. The rail zipper provides adds redundancy to the dry bag style main closure of the bag, providing additional guarantee that it won’t open during operations.


“Five years ago, Naval Special Warfare asked us to develop a faster, lighter, more functional solution for the shoot-through weapon bag. In the years since, the bags have performed extremely well and we’ve continued to refine the details based on close cooperation with our customers. I recently spoke with an NSW customer who’s used his bag on 17 missions without a single hiccup. The new Gen III model is by far the lightest, smallest packing, most functional, and most cost-effective solution on the market,” said Cam Brensinger, NEMO Founder and CEO.

For more information on NEMO’s FAS™ Jump AR Gen III, you can visit For sales inquiries, please contact Cam Brensinger, [email protected].

NEMO Shield Website Is Live!

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Over the weekend we were able to share NEMO Equipment’s new catalog for their military line called Shield. Many of you asked if you could place individual orders and we told you ‘very soon’ and boy, we weren’t kidding. They are introducing a fantastic pro deal program at Warrior West this week that is a 30% discount for military, LE, first responders and even retirees.


NEMO Equipment, Inc. manufacturer of AirSupported™ and Extreme Conditions tents, sleeping bags, pads and backcountry accessories, has announced the launch of a new website for its Shield™ Edition line of tactical gear. The ecommerce site offers in-depth information on Shield™ shelters, pads & pillows and specialty equipment. Visitors can search by product category or user environment, including Arctic, Mountainous or Desert. Products can also be sorted and searched based on Berry and Trade Compliance.

NEMO was started in 2002 by Cam Brensinger with the intention of designing and manufacturing the highest quality and most innovative products for outdoor recreation, rescue and survival. In 2006, NEMO began adapting its shelter technology for elite US Special Operations Forces and launched its Shield™ product line. In the years since, many Warfighters have depended on NEMO tents, shelters, sleeping gear, weapons bags and other products to take full advantage of what limited comfort and protection can be found on the battlefield. NEMO is intensely proud to serve the American Warfighter and allied partners, and aims to design, engineer, and manufacture the best equipment solutions possible.

For the first time, a selection of NEMO Shield™ products are available for individual sales and offerings will continue to evolve as new product becomes available. A sampling of some of NEMO’s new products will be on display at this week’s Warrior West show in San Diego:

Bugout™ SE 9X9 in MultiCam®
Sabre™ SE in MultiCam®
Gogo™ SE in MultiCam®
Switchblade™ 1P SE cot or ground shelter in Coyote
Cosmo™ Pillowtop™ 1P SE and Fillo™ Pillow SE in Coyote

Also at the show, NEMO representatives will be raffling off a tactical tent. To sign up for the raffle and to get an exclusive 30% discount card, please visit booth #514 April 24-25 at Warrior West.

OR – NEMO Frontier

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

The NEMO Frontier is a tipi-style five sided tent with ample vestibule space. Available in February, 2012 it is Made in the USA. Both Coyote and Tan are being added as standard colors so it will be easier to source NEMO shelters appropriate for tactical applications.


OR – AT Overland

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

AT Overland exhibited their latest creation featuring their Habitat Top with a NEMO Tent.



Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

The FAS (Full Action, Sealed) Bag from NEMO Special Operations Shelters is designed as a semi-disposable water-proof weapon bag that maintains the ability to put the weapon into action from inside the bag.


The FAS Bag was designed to accommodate a suppressor equipped weapon and has heat resistant panels at the suppressor and ejection port. Additionally, the bag comes with a no-slip Hypalon shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is also used to tighten the bag around the weapon in order to secure excess material. A newly released version features a clear window for an ATPIAL equipped weapon. NEMO suggests that users practice extensively with the weapon in order to gain confidence with it before placing it into action. The weapon remains dry via a roll top closure that is secured with a side-release buckle.

FAS Bag Closure

Bags are currently available for the MP7 (shown) and M4 carbine. The FAS Bags are available from ADS.

NEMO Gogo Shelters ADS

Friday, August 14th, 2009

NEMO has been producing lightweight, innovative shelters for several years now. Their hallmark is the AirSupported Technology which precludes the need for traditional poles. Developed by NEMO’s founder after his work on spacesuits and inflatable architecture with NASA, AST™ is a system of low-pressure inflatable tubes (called airbeams) and lightweight pumps that provide a high performance alternative to traditional tent poles. Airbeams are made of two layers, similar to a bicycle tire. An outer layer provides the shape, strength and puncture resistance, while a thin inner bladder holds the air. Feeling winded from a long day humping a ruck? No problem. Each shelter comes with an innovative pump that can be operated by hand or foot and will not over inflate the airbeam.

NEMO Airbeam

Over the last year or so they have begun to adapt their innovative designs for military use. In fact, the Gogo was provided for use during the REF’s lightweight equipment demonstration.

NEMO Gogo in OD

The Gogo is a single wall, one person shelter. It includes a pump and stores in a dry-bag style stuff sack. It has 19 sq ft of floor space with an additional 4.5 sq ft under the vestibule. It’s low profile design is perfect for tactical bivouacs being just 27″ high yet the 42″ width and 113″ length allow you to spread out. It is lightweight (1.9 lbs) and packs to a compact 7” X 5.5”. It features a quick set up (15 sec) and strikes even more quickly (5 sec).

NEMO's Gogo SE in Multicam

The NEMO Gogo SEâ„¢ (shown in Multicam) shares of all the same stats of the standard Gogo but features an extra six inches of length. It also boasts an additional side door for entry, exit, and ventilation.

NEMO tactical shelters come standard in OD, but can be special ordered in special colors like the Multicam shown with a minimum order requirement. All of NEMO‘s tactical shelters are available from ADS.