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Decon Zone Sanitizing System

This is another one of the gems I saw at the recent ADS Warrior Expo. Currently used in conjunction with London Bridge Trading’s High Gear brand, the Decon Zone Sanitizing System has also been adopted by military units as well as numerous professional and collegiate sports teams.

Developed by a former Navy diver, the system was initially envisioned to clean his son’s football equipment. It is a completely sealed, green system that produces no waste by-products but rather relies on ozone produced by a lightning-like spark. The ozone kills odor causing bacteria and it is converted back to oxygen at the end of the cycle. Ozone is more effective at killing bacteria than hydrogen peroxide, bleach, and iodine. Not only does bacteria make your equipment stink, it can make you ill. Staph infections and MRSA are becoming more common threats to health. For full details on all of the heebie jeebies that can kill you visit their blog;

The Decon Zone Sanitizing System has already been purchased by a couple of Air Force squadrons and they continue to go strong. They aren’t just using it for armor. It is also being used for mess kits and canteen cups, search and rescue equipment, blankets, clothing, and medical products. The machine’s cycle is 12 minutes of exposure to ozone in addition to the time it takes to reduce the ozone at the end of the cycle meaning equipment isn’t down for maintenance for long. There is nothing to dry and no residual chemical hazards once the items are removed from the machine. An added benefit is that quality of life is improved. Personnel are more comfortable wearing armor and other equipment when it doesn’t smell, not to mention that there is less risk to their health.

So to sum all of the pluses up: Green technology, Developed by a Veteran, Keeps troops healthy, Improves morale. Not bad.

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