Eagle Industries

M14 Riser Stock Pouch

Tired of seeing Soldiers attaching pillows with 100 mph tape to the back of their stocks to get proper cheek welds, Tactical Night Vision Company teamed with US PALM to develop the M14 Riser Stock Pouch. Since not everyone in the military gets issued an adjustable stock, let alone most of the LE and commercial markets, TNVC contacted US PALM with their tactical nylon expertise, and the project was kicked into high gear. The RSP© Mod.0 is designed to fit the M14 as well as the M1A and easily attaches to these stocks to provide the shooter with a stable, optimum comb height. It also includes a built-in horizontal magazine pouch that holds a single USGI 20rd M14 magazine as well as a fast-access clear sleeve pocket for DOPE/Range cards and/or target photos. The RSP© Mod.0 is the first in a series of Riser Stock Pouches and new models for other platforms will be forthcoming. Naturally, the RSP© is made in the US from 500d Cordura.

Currently available from TNVC

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