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RPG-7 Gunner Team Accessory Kit

We know some of our readers are rolling with RPGs and when we saw the new RPG-7 Gunner Team Accessory Kit from Blackheart International we knew we had to put the word out even though chances are good those who needed to know already did. Blackheart specializes in foreign weapons and they have gone all out to develop several products for the RPG-7 crew.

The kit combines BHI’s RPG Gunner Backpack, RPG Assistant Gunner Backpack, and RPG Rocket Quiver which we have covered before with the RPG-7 Dust Cover, Adjustable Sling, Launcher/Optics Padded Cary Case, their ingenious Boresight Device, and Four-Piece Cleaning Kit. They have also added their excellent RPG-7 Practical Usage Guide to the mix. BHI’s weapons manuals are the best we have seen and hold a special place in our reference library. All in all, it’s pretty much everything you need except the launcher and rockets.

To order the complete kit or any of the other RPG accessories visit www.bhigear.com.


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