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New RPG Backpacks from BHI

Go anywhere in the developing world and you are going to run across the RPG-7 or one of its clones. Up until now, if you needed to schlep its rockets around you were stuck with a rather spartan and often poorly made backpack. Notice I said, “Up until now” because Blackheart International has just released three new backpacks designed specifically for RPG ammo. These days, when I think about Soviet bloc weapons I think about Blackheart. They have really gone all out to develop effective training materials as well as identify accessories for small arms. Now that they have turned their attention to the RPG-7 you can carry it with ease. The packs all take their basic design from the issue items but let’s face it. The launchers themselves aren’t the paragon of manufacturing excellence and the backpacks were almost an afterthought. On the other hand, the new BHI packs will stay secured and not soak up water like a sponge as the older “issue” packs are known to do. You can see the three models in the photo below.

RPG Rocket Quiver This pack will hold two fully assembled rockets complete with attached boosters and the flap secured!

RPG Gunner Backpack This pack has four compartments that will hold two rocket main bodies and two separate boosters.

RPG Assistant Gunner Backpack This version holds three rocket main bodies and three boosters.


Internal configurations vary but regardless of pack model rockets and boosters are secure via a tri-fold flap system and the outer closure relies on the dependable, yet simple staple fastener closure used by the Spanish Army for for over twenty years. A modernized version of the non-mechanical closure used on the US M1956 ammo pouch, you simply pull the tab and it comes open. Additionally, an oil bottle/spare parts pouch is found inside the top flap. In addition to padded shoulder straps the packs all feature sternum and waist belts to help stabilize the load while moving rapidly under fire. They are available in Black, OD Green, Coyote and UCP.

To order visit www.BHIgear.com.


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