CON-SPACE Communication’s C50/M50/M53 Gas Mask E-Mic Communication System

Lots of units are beginning to the M50/53 Joint Services Protective Mask. Canadian firm CON-SPACE has developed a new and alternative communication system for the M50 as well as the AVON C50. This new electret mic and quick disconnect have been developed to be used with virtually any handheld two-way portable radio and CON-SPACE Radio Gear. The E-Mic plugs into the masks built-in pass through connector and mates with their A5 connector on the exterior of the mask. Once connected to the mask, the CON-SPACE quick disconnect interfaces to three CON-SPACE Radio Gear products:

1. SRVA Voice Amplification Radio Accessory PTT – Allows user to amplify voice and the ability to communicate through a portable radio
2. CSVA Voice Amplifier – Allows user to amplify voice only
3. SR65M Radio Accessory PTT – Allows user to communicate via portable radio

All three devices can be easily interchanged when used with the E-Mic system which can also be connected to any MSA Sordin Supreme Mil and Supreme Pro Active Noise/Noise Canceling Headsets as well as Peltor ComTac products.

There are currently two mounted voice projection units available and the E-Mic and CON-SPACE Radio Gear combination gives the user yet another alternative choice.

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