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We recently found out about the MAGLETTâ„¢ from Tuff Products. Designed by Ichiro Nagata, MAGLETTâ„¢ is an acronym for Magazine Wallet and holds all of your EDC items. More than anything else it is adaptable. The MAGLETTâ„¢ and has 2 larger pockets that can hold Cell Phones, M16-style Rifle Magazine and 4 smaller pockets to hold Credit Cards, Drivers License, Emergency Cash, Folding Knifes, Pistol Magazines etc. The inner most pouch can be worn inside the belt or pants and features a Tactical Pen Pocket which just so happens to accommodate the Kunai Tactical Pen also designed by Ichiro Nagata. It also features a 2 inch belt loop and is made in the USA. Available in Black and Coyote. Tuff Products was founded by Natt Stevens, formerly of Bianchi and Aker Leather.

Tuff Products

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