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Strike Industries – Prototype Ichiro Magata Beavertail

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Designed by Ichiro Nagata, and produced by www.strikeindustries.com the beavertail is intended for those who assume a high grip and may not engage the grip safety.


Monday, June 21st, 2010

We recently found out about the MAGLETTâ„¢ from Tuff Products. Designed by Ichiro Nagata, MAGLETTâ„¢ is an acronym for Magazine Wallet and holds all of your EDC items. More than anything else it is adaptable. The MAGLETTâ„¢ and has 2 larger pockets that can hold Cell Phones, M16-style Rifle Magazine and 4 smaller pockets to hold Credit Cards, Drivers License, Emergency Cash, Folding Knifes, Pistol Magazines etc. The inner most pouch can be worn inside the belt or pants and features a Tactical Pen Pocket which just so happens to accommodate the Kunai Tactical Pen also designed by Ichiro Nagata. It also features a 2 inch belt loop and is made in the USA. Available in Black and Coyote. Tuff Products was founded by Natt Stevens, formerly of Bianchi and Aker Leather.

Tuff Products

Kunai Pen

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Kunai Tactical Pen

New from Prospec Design Inc., the Kunai pen has been getting quite a bit of exposure here in the US thanks to tactical photographer, Ichiro Nagata. It is so elegant that I would refrain from calling it tactical yet it is strong enough to stand up the job of glass breaking with ease. The Kunai pen uses Parker refills.

Ichiro Negata demonstrates use of the Kunai pen

Thus far we haven’t found a US importer so you will have to look for it on eBay.

Note that Ichiro is wearing protective clothing. Using the Kunai pen to break glass is dangerous and should only be accomplished by trained persons wearing the proper protective equipment.