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Strike Industries Announces SI 2017 Pistol/Rifle, Based On MP5

Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

Last night, Strike Industries unveiled their new SI 2017 Pistol/Rifle which is created by combining this aluminum upper receiver with an MP5 Trigger Group and barrel.  In case you’re wondering about the stock, it’s from a SIG MPX as they’ve incorporated the MIL STD 1913 rail to the rear of the receiver.  

It’s an interesting project as MP5 trigger packs do not have serial numbers and are not considered firearms.  Consequently, this means that the SI 2017 component will be the serial numbered item.  As you can see below, they’ve planned multiple upper lengths.

There aren’t a lot of details yet, but it will be on display in booth #20114 at SHOT Show 2017.

Update: We received this info from Strike Industries:

First and foremost we are keeping the system true to the standard MP5 being one of the most widely used platforms for LEO/MIL worldwide. We don’t want them to have to retrain to new operating procedures so still no bolt lock back. May be a possible upgrade in the future…

The upper is compatible with the already widely available MP5 Lower Receiver, Bolt and trigger pack, what we are aiming to provide is an updated modular upper with, barrel, handguard, and stock configurations for pistol, sbr and rifle options “user choice”.

It will feature continuous top rail, MLOK rail system, integrated flip up front and rear sights on all length options except the shortest length due to structural limits and feature an ambi charging handle.


Strike Industries –  Take The AntiVenom-XPLC $20K Challenge

Monday, December 19th, 2016

You read the headline right. Strike Industries has just introduced a new weapon lubricant and they are offering $20,000 to the first person or company who can prove there is a better all-in-one or multi-purpose lubricant available in the firearms industry (from corrosion, friction, cleaning to dielectric properties). Considering the hoopla we’ve seen in the past over lubricant testing, this should be pretty interesting.

But first, you’ve got to know a littie about AntiVenom-XPLC.


Strike Industries’ AntiVenom-XPLC is a general purpose weapon lubricant, cleaner, and protection solution. AntiVenom is heat activated, with a high film strength and pressure resistance. It is also designed to be safe to use on polymers, metals, and even elctro-optics and lighting systems.

– Powerful lubricant, preservative, and cleaner for all Aluminums and Steel alloys.
– Ionized molecular structure permeates microcrystalline surfaces, creating extremely high film strength and surface adhesion.
– Formula invades and pushes out other compounds, including oils, solvents, salts, some acids, and water.
– Maximum protection from -20° to 500°F. Can operate briefly at temps upwards of 600°F.
– Zero Chlorinated Paraffins and Lead: won’t harm metals stored for long periods of time or exposed to moisture
– Low VOC content (propellant): safer for organic life forms than other aerosol delivered products.
– Hydrophobic, Polymer safe, Dielectric (safe for use on Electro-optics and lighting systems).

If you’re up to the Strike Industries $20k Challenge, these videos will give you an idea of the types of internal testing they’ve conducted and the types of things you’ll need to accomplish to claim your prize.




Look for details soon from Strike Industries on specifically how you can take a shot at that $20,000.


Sneak Peek – Strike Industries

Friday, September 9th, 2016

Interesting application of an offset BUIS.

Sneak Peek – Viper Stock from Strike Industries

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015


Fresh out of the mold.

Strike Industries – Ultimate Selector Switch

Sunday, December 14th, 2014


Strike Industries’ Ultimate Selector Switch (AR-USS-90) is a parts kit which allows users to customize their AR selector in either a standard or ambidextrous configuration by utilizing any of 10 interchangeable polymer switches. The kit comes with a heat-treated steel safety bar and mounting hardware.


Each package contains:

– 1 x Extended Long Push Switch / Length: 1.6” Width: 0.31” Thickness: 0.24”
– 1 x Extended Short Push Switch / Length: 1.32” Width: 0.31” Thickness: 0.24”
– 1 x High Profile Standard Switch / Length: 1.10” Width: 0.31” Thickness: 0.24”
– 1 x Low Profile Standard Switch / Length: 1.10” Width: 0.31” Thickness: 0.18”
– 1 x High Profile Short Switch / Length: 0.81” Width: 0.31” Thickness: 0.24”
– 1 x Low Profile Short Switch / Length: 0.81” Width: 0.31” Thickness: 0.18”
– 1 x Long Knobbies Switch / Length: 1.10” Width: 0.30” Thickness: 0.26”
– 1 x Medium Knobbies Switch / Length: 1.10” Width: 0.31” Thickness: 0.34”
– 1 x Short Knobbies Switch / Length: 0.85” Width: 0.30” Thickness: 0.26”
– 1 x End Cap / Length: 0.47”Width: 0.46” Thickness: 0.14”


Available in Black, FDE, and Grey.


Strike Industries – SLICK Handguard For HK MR556/416

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014


Strike Industries has begun taking pre-orders for the SLICK Handguard, an aftermarket forend for the HK 416/MR556 rifle. Manufactured from 6061 aluminum with Black Hard Coat Anodizing Type III, the SLICK Handguard features KeyMod sections at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions, three integrated 1913 rail sections at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions, a continuous 1913 top rail, and four QD sockets, giving shooters plenty of space and options to customize their rifle accessories to their preferred specifications.

The SLICK Forend comes in three lengths: 9″, 11″, and 13″. It has a width of 2″, and a height of 2.5″, giving it a slim profile. All SLICK Forend pre-orders receive a 15%-off discount and free shipping.


Coming SHOT Show 2015 – The Strike Industries Hover Gun

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014


Strike Industries has been releasing teaser shots of various components of their new rifle, to be released at SHOT Show. No official name has been announced but it’s been referred to as the “hover” rifle due to this photo released last night on Facebook. The stock in the image will be available before Christmas.

Strike Industries to Introduce Enhanced Magazine Plate for Magpul’s Gen 3 PMAG

Monday, September 29th, 2014


This is a photo of Strike Industries’ upcoming Enhanced Magazine Plate for Magpul’s Gen 3 PMAG. The EMP 5 can be used as a monopod.