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Strike Industries – Cookie Cutter Comp

Friday, June 27th, 2014


Strike Industries’ Cookie Cutter Comp is a single chamber muzzle break with a large surface area which expels gas on both the right and left sides, minimizing recoil and compensating muzzle rise. Constructed from steel, it features a heavy-duty parkerized finish. Its unique design also allows it to function as a glass breaker.


Strike Industries – Ricci Ankle Medical System V.2

Sunday, April 13th, 2014


The Ricci Ankle Medical System V.2 is an updated medical kit carriage system designed for everyday carry. The AMS V.2 offers more rounded edges and padding or comfort and a better fit around the ankle. This new version also removes removes MOLLE pouch compatibility, but makes up for it by having elastic pouches for storage.

Available in Black.


Strike Industries – MRDS Cover

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014


The Strike Industries MRDS cover is made from hard, yet fexible, Thermoplastic Polyurethane to increase the impact resistance of the EOTech MRDS. In addition to covering the main body, the cover creates an offset from the MRDS lens, which helps to prevent damage to the lens when mounted to a pistol from belts, holsters, or other surfaces. The cover is designed so that windage and elevation can be adjusted without removal, and it doesn’t interfere with built-in ambient light sensors.

Available in Black and FDE.


Strike Industries Now on GSA

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013


Strike Industries has officially been recognized as a GSA contractor for Federal, State, and Local agencies. Their CAGE Code, DUNS Number, Federal Tax I.D. and other information are available upon request. If you’re a procurement officer that requires a quote for large quantity orders, you can send an RFQ via email to [email protected] or call 1-714-557-9831.

Further details can be found here: strikeindustries.com/shop/index.php/gsa

Strike Industries – AK TRAX

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013


Strike Industries’ AK TRAX is a modular drop-in rail for AK pattern rifles. Made from anodized aluminum, the AK TRAX won’t add much weight to the rifle, and its design allows for multiple configurations to suit the user’s needs. The system starts with the TRAX1 base lower rail, which is designed to allow attachment of the TRAX1 upper rail, and the TRAX2 upper and lower rails. The TRAX also features the keymod system, which allows for additional side rails as needed. Available in Black, FDE, and Urban Grey.


Strike Industries Cobra Tactical Fore Grip

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

This is the box art for Strike Industries’ upcoming Cobra Tactical Fore Grip. UhhmmmKay. Looks kinda familiar. Strike Industries insists it isn’t.

A description from Strike Industries –
“The Strike industries cobra grip was developed using innovation and feedback from combat veterans. The cobra grip is made from advanced polymer which is very strong and will definitely take a beating. The shooter can use different grip techniques and allows the user to have a secure and comfortable grip in any situation or position. It features a ridged front face that allows you to brace the rifle against a table or a wall and because it is ridged, it will prevent any sliding during the recoil kick. Another unique feature is the Cobra “hood”. It acts like a heat shield that will prevent the heat from going to your hands and gives your lead hand an ergonomic platform to use. The rear portion of the Cobra Grip can function as a hand stop. One advantage that the SI Cobra Grip has over its competitors is the friction lock design. Material has been removed from the center so when tightening the Main Screw, it will allow it to grip the rail system and thus preventing any wobbling due to lose fitment or over use of the grip. The Strike industries Cobra grip is slim and low profile which makes it very light weight. Shooters from all walks of life and different size hands can use the Strike Industries Cobra Grip without worrying if the grip is too big or the angle would be too aggressive that it would strain your hand. It is very ergonomic and economical.”

Coming from strikeindustries.com

Strike Industries Sling Catch

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Developed in conjunction with retired Navy SEAL Miles Hadden, the Sling Catch is a welcome design for those of us who have had a weapon sling ‘saw’ into our necks.

The simple, molded design is attached ato the shoulder pad/strap of the vest by means of a heavy duty Velcro strap and keeps it away from the neck.


Sneak Peek – Strike Industries Buffalo Wings GLOCK Mag Plates

Monday, June 11th, 2012

For the past four months Strike Industries has been working on their new Buffalo Wings base plates for GLOCK Magazines. They think they’ve got the modular design down pat, but just to make sure, they’re going to hand some out to USPSA shooters and get more feedback.