Strike Industries – Ricci Ankle Medical System V.2


The Ricci Ankle Medical System V.2 is an updated medical kit carriage system designed for everyday carry. The AMS V.2 offers more rounded edges and padding or comfort and a better fit around the ankle. This new version also removes removes MOLLE pouch compatibility, but makes up for it by having elastic pouches for storage.

Available in Black.


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  1. SeanL says:

    Bravo, Strike Industries. It wasn’t enough to rip off Magpul in the rifle furniture category, now they’re poised to tackle the predominantly Asiatic market of nylon knockoffs. I’m sure Rogue Gunfighter is unimpressed.

    Strike Industries: Imitation, Not Innovation

    • KKS-1 says:

      If you use the search function or the archives, you can clearly see that Strike industries introduced the 1st version of this rig back in May of 2012, and Rogue Gunfighter showed off their sneak peek in April of 2013. Both are great companies with great kit. Search before you rant

  2. Chris says:

    The original version of this was designed and built by a working cop, and then eventually sold by Strike Industries. I had one of the original ones a good 3-4 months before I even saw the first “look what’s coming” teaser pics of the Rogue Gunfighter ankle kit.

  3. Doc says:

    I work with the SWAT Medic (different agency but our teams interoperate) that invented this great device. I can also vouch that the Ricci Ankle IFAK carrier was made for the above mentioned SWAT Cop and Medic by Strike Industries from the start. I saw the prototypes and initial test versions well before Rogue announced theirs.

    It’s a great idea and one of the few places a patrol officer has to carry an IFAK given how little extra real estate is left over on one’s duty belt. Kudos to Ricci for coming up with this. I know lots of officers who have blow out kits….in their cars. When someone gets hurt (and it might very well be you or your 960) you’ll only have what you’re carrying on yourself to deal with it. The golden hour of trauma starts with YOU!!!

    MUST HAVE carry items for your primary gear: TQ (a real one CAT, SOF-T, MET, preferably 2), Chest Seal (x2), some sort of combat dressing/gauze (Oales or Israeli dressing if you have room, vacuum packed gauze +/- hemostatic like Combat Gauze or Celox) , rescue hook/cutter, swath of 100 mph tape, NPA/OPA, long 14g IV Catheter, hypothermia blanket.

    You may not be able to have ALL this stuff on you however, with something like this ankle rig, you’ll have at least the key items so you can make it back to your blow out kit in your radio car….


    (The site mods can verify my PD dept email address that I used to post this comment)

    • LowSpeed says:

      Awesome write up.

      Where one on each ankle then I suppose? Also if you’re wearing bdu-type pants then you can put larger items such as israelis in the cargo pockets.

    • Chris says:


      I just ordered the updated one because it addresses the few dislikes I had with the initial kit. With that being said, my current ankle kit carries:

      1. SOFTT-W
      2. Combat Gauze
      3. SWAT-T “Tourniquet,” but intended as a pressure dressing
      4. 14ga Neco needle

      I carry a package of HALO chest seals behind the soft armor trauma plate in my concealable vest. With those items I am pretty well set for SA/BA.

  4. Kango says:

    Anyone know if this will work well with dudes with skinny ankles?