SIG MMG 338 Program Series

Phokus Research Group LLC

Awhile back two active duty Navy types came up with a great idea but they didn’t really know how to turn the concept into a marketable product. So they set about figuring it out and the result is Phokus Research Group, LLC. In addition to their subject matter expertise, they have an excellent mentor/partner who has been very successful in the business world. Additionally, they have partnered with a manufacturer responsible for numerous successful products in the outdoor and water sports market. Now that they’ve worked the kinks out of the administrative side of things, two new technologies are hitting the market; the CBR (RaDD Pak) backpack and their original product the Phokus Aid.

The Phokus Aid is brilliant and everyone will be using it because it allows the user to maintain “infinity” focus with the AN/PVS-14, while providing clarity at critical distances of 10 feet and closer without requiring re-focus. You just flip the Phokus Aid up or down in order to use.

From the beginning they based the business on the concept of “By the Operator for the Operator” so what you see here is just the beginning. If you are still serving but have come up with a better mousetrap, we highly recommend that you speak with Phokus Research Group. They understand where are you are coming from and if your idea makes the cut, can help you navigate the numerous issues you will encounter including protecting your intellectual property. We are very impressed with their products as well as their staff and will be keeping a watch on what they cook up.


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