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New SureFire CombatLights

SureFire has introduced two new CombatLights. The LED AZ2 and the Z2-S which is their first strobing flashlight. Due to its unique nature we will concentrate on the Z2-S.

The Z2-S’s LED generates 160 lumens of light, eight times the light output of a standard two-D-cell flashlight. Additionally, it also features a strobe mode programmed to blink at a specific frequency to effectively disorient an attacker, a feature that has been continuously requested by SureFire customers.

CombatLights feature tactical-level output (enough to overwhelm night-adapted vision), ergonomic tailcap switching, and SureFire’s patented CombatGrip—a stepped-down body and rubber grip ring that makes pairing the light with a firearm easier, as well as providing a secure hold in wet or cold conditions or while wearing gloves.

At five inches long and under five ounces in weight (with batteries), the Z2-S is designed to be portable and powerful. Press the tactical tailcap switch for momentary-on, press three times rapidly to activate the strobe, or twisting it for constant-on in either mode.


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