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The Latest on the MultiCam Uniform

Late last month the Army issued ALARACT 189/2010 which provides guidance on the fielding of the Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern (OCP) uniform. This is the third name it has had and they haven’t even fielded any yet. First it was referred to as as the Afghanistan MultiCam Uniform (AMU), then the OEF FRACU, and now this. But to be honest, this is probably the best name yet as it is a bit more all encompassing.

The ALARACT goes on to describe which equipment and uniform items will be available in OCP. The Basis of issue will remain the same as for UCP but the new pattern will be phased in over time meaning there will be a period where Soldiers will wear a mixture of patterns. However, having spoken with PEO-Soldier’s SPIE we know that they are working to minimize this. While the basics will be available soon such as FRACUs, MOLLE, etc some items like Fire Resistant Environmental Ensemble (FREE) won’t be ready until after the new year. No word on when the Army Aircrew Combat Uniform or Improved Combat Vehicle Crewman uniforms will be ready but they are on the list as well.

So what are the takeaways?

-Fielding will commence no later than Aug 2010 for forces deploying from CONUS and by Nov 2010 for units with 120 days retainability in theater
-The uniforms and equipment can only be worn enroute (to or from) or in Afghanistan
-No commercial sales including Military Clothing Sales Store of Insignia by authorized producers

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