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Ladies Choice Uniform Pants for Female LE Officers

Unfortunately, there aren’t many products for our female readers but the guys at Breach-Bang-Clear bring us this report.

Females in law enforcement may be interested in the wear test Elbeco is currently doing in conjunction with PoliceOne.com. If you sign up on line and are selected, Elbeco will send a pair of the Ladies Choice uniform trousers; you provide the feedback, and when the Wear Test is complete you keep the trousers. Several agencies have reportedly already been involved in their development, including Pittsburgh PD. These uniform trousers are intended to fit more comfortably and flatteringly (not sure how they could help but fit better than traditional pants worn by female officers without other options). They have contoured waistband wit side elastic, curved hip, modified seat and shortened front rise to accommodate female body styles. Other advantages Elbeco says these pants provide:

• Utility belt at natural waist provides better access to your weapon and can reduce back strain
• Curve at hip complements a woman’s shape
• Back pockets adjusted to waist for better access
• Reshaped seat for comfortable movement
• Pocket depth accommodates a woman’s reach

More information on the Wear Test is on PoliceOne.com.

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