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Big News from Wilson Combat

Wilson Combat has just unveiled their latest undertaking; custom ammunition! Bill Wilson has been handloading and sending rounds down range for decades and decided to put everything he’s learned to good use. His philosophy can be summed up below:

“I’ve been reloading ammunition since 1966 and over the years feel like I have become a knowledgeable and experienced handloader. Over the years I have handloaded over a million rounds for my own use plinking, hunting, self-protection and competition shooting. By producing and shooting this volume of ammunition I’ve learned how to develop maximum performance loads for a variety of uses. I’m using this knowledge and experience now to develop high performance loads for the new Wilson Combat line of self-defense and competition ammunition. I think you will find this ammunition to be very accurate, reliable and to deliver Peerless Performance.”

President / CEO – Wilson Combat
Bill Wilson

Ammo is available in a variety of calibers. Look for additional details at ammo.wilsoncombat.com.


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