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Countdown to End of the Fiscal Year

ADS has included a countdown clock for the impending end of the fiscal year. This is a great reminder to get your ducks in order and figure out what you want to obligate your end of year funds for. Don’t waste it all on 10,000 rolls of toilet paper, or 500 paddle locks because that is all they have left at SSSC. Many vendors are open late and will help make sure you get what you need instead of what is left on the shelf.

In fact, Tactical Tailor will have staff on hand to fill phone orders until Midnight on 30 September. Don’t think that they are only accepting military orders either. Federal agencies as well as state and local folks finish the year on the 30th. Individuals are welcome to order as well. Just call them at (253) 984-7854.

Last but not least, if you are in the market for quality MultiCam (or Coyote and OD for that matter) clothing systems as well as shelters and poncho liners then make sure you contact our friends at Wild Things. They are open late this week to accommodate your last minute shopping requirements.

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