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Army Updating Anthropometric Data

Officially known as the U.S. Army Anthropometric Models to Optimize the Human Systems Interface (ANSUR II), the Army is taking steps to update its Anthropometric Data. First off, we need to explain the term “Anthropometric Data”. Anthropometry is the study of physical dimensions in people, including the measurement of human body characteristics such as heights, breadths, girths, and reaches. In all, Natick’s ANSUR II program will measure 13,000 Soldiers to determine this information and update its models of human sizing.

The data currently used by the Army to size clothing and individual equipment as well as in workstation such as cockpit design is from 1988 and it’s about time it was updated. Nowadays, the Total Army force includes not only Active Duty but also Guard and Reserve troops, not to mention that the American is larger than 20-odd years ago. Consequently, current sizing tariffs are incorrect causing the Army to experience shortages of select sizes of CIE. Size tariffs are predictive tables that guide the Army when they purchase, stock and issue clothing and other sized equipment. For example, for every 1000 Soldiers, a size tariff might tell a Program Manager to purchase 5 X-Small Short trousers, 5 X-Small Reg, 3 X-Small Long, etc. until each size had been specified. The information is based on the anthropometric data of the force and is critical to procuring the correct amount of gear in the proper sizes.

One of the biggest changes to how the information will be collected and used is that it is now 3D in nature. In addition to the 95 traditional body measurements taken, 3D whole body, head/face and foot scans will be collected. When data on an entire body is collected, it can be correlated in new ways to further show how the entire body is shaped and how clothing and equipment interact with a Soldier’s body. This improved shape data will result in improved designs for body armor and other close fitting protective equipment such as headgear, footwear, and handwear.

For more information visit http://nsrdec.natick.army.mil/ANSURII/.


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