ANVIS Arm from Wilcox Industries

Wilcox Industries displayed their new purpose built arm for the ANVIS family (AN/AVS-9(V) (F4949) and AN/PVS-23 (F5050) Aviator’s Night-Vision Imaging System) of night vision devices at Modern Day Marine. Previously, mounts designed for use with flight helmets have been adapted with varying degrees of success to bump and ballistic helmets. Now, there is an arm that fits the standard one-hole NVG mount found on many helmets.

Additionally, a battery compartment has been integrated into the design so that the battery box does not need to be attached to the back of the helmet. You can see it in the photo above located just below the adjustment lever. A single DL123 battery will provide up to 32 hours of operation. Elimination of the battery box decreases both cost and weight and eliminates the cable that usually runs along the side of the helmet and can catch when in confined spaces. Although, that same box can still be used for those that use it as a counterweight.

Unlike aviation use mounts and arms, the new Wilcox item is machined from Aluminum and while the NVG will pop out from its ball and detent as designed, it won’t do it accidentally. You have to depress both sides simultaneously to get it out.


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