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EmFX Pouches from NEMO Equipment Now Available ADS

The EmFX Pouches from NEMO Equipment that we wrote about back in July are finally available both for unit orders through ADS and individual purchase with Tactical Distributors. Essentially, the pouch creates a mini Faraday Cage blocking all incoming and outgoing Radio Frequency signals. This means, you can’t pocket dial someone and no one can remotely query the data stored on your cell phone. Unfortunately, bad guys can query this data, so as you stroll along on business or vacation, criminals (or worse) can collect your info, all without your knowledge. The only way to protect this data is to store it in a safe place. If you are someone who travels frequently overseas this pouch is a good investment.

Interestingly, in Chapter 4 of William Gibson‘s new book, “Zero History” the story mentions a Faraday Cage pouch for passports and what nastiness can happen to unsuspecting passport holders. In case you didn’t realize it, new passports include a Radio Frequency ID tag that contains information on you and allows customs to more quickly process you. NEMO Equipment is currently working on just such a model for passports.

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