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First Light USA’S Tac Med Lights ADS

First Light USA’s new Tomahawk TC3 Kit for Combat Medics features a proprietary mix of Red and Green LEDs that “highlight” blood. Unfortunately in the aftermath of IED attacks and vehicle wrecks, medics find that they trouble distinguishing blood from other fluids such as petroleum products. After much experimentation First Light found the perfect mix of lights to make blood stand out from other colored fluids. For example, red light makes blood all but disappear and blue light turns blood black making it indistinguishable from oil.

Along with the red and green mix, the main light also has six IR LEDs that have 3 brightness settings and operate in a separate mode than any of the visible lights. The main white light is a 120 lumen LED that also has 3 brightness settings. Another new feature of the TC3 Kit is the TTL (Tomahawk Task Light) built into the battery cap. It’s a single 5 mm LED available in either Blue or UV. The Blue LED works great for Flourescein eye stain tests. The UV option is a 375 nm LED that can be used to fluoresce certain fungal and bacterial infections and eliminates the need for a medic to carry a bulky and fragile Wood’s Lamp.

I know this is going to sound like one of those Ginsu knife commercials but really, this light combines four different lights into one. You can also attach the TC3 on to a plate carrier with the included MOLLE TRS Mount. The TRS positions the light horizontally on the chest and allows the light to be directed up or down nearly 180 degrees meaning hands-free use while keeping the light off the helmet or head. The Tomahawk, when detached from the TRS mount can be used as a hand-held light, and the angle head design is easier to wield than a standard “tube” light when used in conjunction with small arms.

A full spec sheet is below.


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