Deuce Launcher from Sage Ordnance

Sage Ordnance Systems Group will exhibit versions of their Deuce Launcher at SHOT Show 2011. Obviously, the biggest improvement that the Deuce offers is an over/under design with two rounds at the ready for that quick follow up shot.

The Standard Deuce package includes the launcher with barrel/caliber selection, barrel duo-block with an integral Picatinny Rail section, two barrel mounted Picatinny Rails, cleaning brush and operator’s manual. They will also have the Deuce Revolution on hand. Standard features are the same as Standard Deuce, but Sage has added a forward grip mount, sight rail, MagPul stock, sling and Pelican Case. Also included are their revolutionary new rear sight module, 20/40 sight module and 60/80 sight module. This sight set-up gives the Grenadier the ability to accurately launch munitions at four different distances most often encountered in less-lethal confrontations, without having to re-zero sights. The sight rail will also provide space to mount optics such as Aimpoints or EOTechs.

The Deuce Over/Under Launcher System is available in three caliber variants including 37mm Sage, 40mm x 46 NATO and 37mm smooth bore. Furthermore, the Deuce uses a five position adjustable length of pull-standard M4 style stock. Additionally, a side folding stock is available as an optional extra (either folding to the left or the right).

To sum up the Deuce … Two Shots! One Launcher!

To schedule a demo contact Sage Ordnance.


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