BAE Systems to Manufacture IOTVs and Repair ESAPI Plates

BAE Systems is racking up the wins. Not only did they announce a $35 million contract from the US Army for 60,000 Improved Outer Tactical Vests (IOTV), but they also won a contract to inspect and repair Enhanced Small Arms Protective Insert (ESAPI) plates for the Army which are used in conjunction with the IOTV. Under a Readiness and Sustainment contract modification valued at $6.3 million from PEO-Soldier, BAE Systems will inspect ESAPI plates returning from theater for damage and replacing the outside spall covers, which are used to contain debris upon impact. Upon completion of the scope of work, the plates will be returned to the Army. The contract mod is part of an existing contract issued in October 2008 and will be performed through a series of delivery orders. The work will be completed at facilities located in Phoenix, Arizona with completion scheduled for October 2013.

“BAE Systems is prepared to support the Army and Army National Guard in satisfying short-term needs for the warfighter,” said Keith Briem, manager of Readiness and Sustainment for BAE Systems’ Personnel Protection Systems. “Our Readiness and Sustainment program is designed to help reset equipment for future deployments. This may include refurbishing helmets, soft and hard armor, Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment, other ancillary items and all forms of Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment.”


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