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GSS Awarded GSA Schedule

You may know of them by their formal name, or the more user friendly GSS Gear. But either way you say it, you can also say that they are now on GSA. They have been awarded a Federal Government General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule contract, number GS-07F-0192X.

The GSA’s supply schedules are contracts that allow Federal and Executive agencies, the Department of Defense, and other authorized institutions and organizations to purchase products and services from commercial suppliers at pre-negotiated rates. For a purchaser, using a GSA contract eliminates potentially cumbersome and lengthy bidding processes while assuring quality and consistency. It also helps to ensure that purchases are made within the confines of the procurement rules.

“We are very pleased that our manufacturers’ products are now available through GSA,” says Emily Whittaker, CEO of GSS Gear. “Being awarded a GSA schedule means that we will be able to streamline the procurement process for our customers while ensuring that the price will be fair.”

Military, Federal, State and local agencies can obtain information about GSS Gear’s GSA Schedule by visiting GSA Advantage at or by contacting GSS Gear directly at 877.MOR.GEAR.


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