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BHI Expands Even as SHOT Show Looms

Effective March 1, 2011 Blackheart International will acquire Mid-Atlantic Training Resources’ portfolio and assets which has long been an associate to BHI. With this acquisition, the new Blackheart International Training operation will continue to provide its proven real-world tactical training courses to DoD agencies, independent contractors and law-enforcement personnel. These courses are conducted at Blackheart International Training facilities, which include a former multi-story hospital ideal for CQB and hostage extraction training, classroom, and a diverse live-fire range developed for CQB, sniper, heavy and crew-served weapons training.

In addition to expanding their training capabilities, BHI has also expanded their custom firearms production by introducing the BHI F-Class rifle. It is designed specifically for NRA F-Class TR (Target Rifle) competition which is a fairly liberal shooting class that allows the competitor the use of a scope and front bipod or rest while shooting in the prone position at targets half the size of those used by iron sight shooters.

At the heart of the BHI F-Class rifle is the BHI barreled action. It’s built on a Kreiger cut-rifled stainless steel barrel that’s been cryogenically treated then mated to a BHI stainless steel custom bolt action. The bolt and barreled action is then treated with a matte black Ionbond coating for maximum durability and smooth operation.

The barreled action is precision-fitted to a robust carbon-fiber and fiberglass composite stock via aluminum pillar bedding for maximum rigidity. In addition to strategically placed texturing on the forend and grip, the stock features an adjustable cheek piece height and length-of-pull spacer system. Also included is a Jewell trigger set at 1-lb. pull and a hinged floor plate.

The BHI F-Class rifle is available in .308 Blackheart. Custom chambering is also available. Visit www.BHIarms.com for more info.

BHI will be in booth #20214.



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