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Bates to Unveil New Footwear at SHOT Show

Naturally Bates is going to unveil at least a couple of new styles at SHOT Show. After all, they are a footwear company and that’s the prime place to do it. But we have been fortunate enough to see behind the curtain and preview a couple of these styles at their headquarters in Michigan last fall. What we saw was awesome.

Bates is expanding their iCS line with the Delta-9 in Desert Tan. What it does is introduce the Individual Comfort System’s (ICS) Adjustable Comfort Technology to the world of desert boots. This “dial” technology allows each individual can choose the comfort zone that’s right for them by inserting a disc shaped dial into a channel in the heel of the boot. Different positions correspond to different ways that the foot interacts with the boot’s sole.

Additionally, Bates is introducing the Light Hiker and we think it is going to give the Improved Combat Hiker currently used by troops in Afghanistan a run for its money. Obviously, by looks alone you can see that it is not the same boot but rather incorporates some commercial technologies that many in the military will already be familiar with from the outdoor segment. The Light Hiker is just that, being designed for use as a hiker and perfect for scrambling and carrying light loads.

These are but two of the many tactical and duty footwear that Bates will be launching at SHOT show. Be sure to visit them in booth #12262.


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