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Bates Footwear Raises Funds For The Grand Rapids Home For Veterans During Military Appreciation Month

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

ROCKFORD, Mich., Aug. 2, 2017 – In honor of Military Appreciation Month, Bates recognized those who serve and have served by giving back to the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans. During the month of May, a portion of all online sales at batesfootwear.com was donated to the GRHV. Bates raised over $8,000.00 to help support the local charitable organization that provides long-term care and support for Michigan’s veterans.

“Bates is privileged to build a partnership with the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans and honor our service members during Military Appreciation Month,” said Andrew Fowler, VP & General Manager, Bates Footwear. “The opportunity to provide support to those who fought for and defended our freedom is at the heart of Bates and the Grand Rapids Veterans Home.

The Grand Rapids Home for Veterans is a long-term care state veterans home located on 90 beautifully wooded and landscaped acres near the mighty Grand River. It was originally constructed on this property in 1885 and is one of 152 state veterans’ homes throughout the nation. Initially founded in response to the needs of veterans in the aftermath of the Civil War, GRHV continues the tradition of serving the needs of Michigan’s veterans today, changing and adapting to the needs of the current and future veteran populations.

To learn more about the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, or to download the application policies, please visit michiganveterans.com/grandrapids

Bates Footwear – Terrax3 Hot Weather Composite Toe Boot

Thursday, July 21st, 2016

Bates Footwear exhibited this AR 670-1 compliant boot at Warrior East. It is also Berry compliant, manufactured from flesh-out cattle hide and Cordura upper with a polyurethane cushion midsole with stabilizing fiberglass shank and direct attach Vibram Trident rubber outsole. It also features a composite toe (ASTM F2413-11 Rated).

Offered in M 7-12, 13, 14, 15 and EW 7-12, 13, 14.


Bates Footwear To Introduce PowerSports Line At 2016 SHOT Show

Sunday, January 17th, 2016


Rockford, MI – January 14, 2016 – Bates Footwear, a recognized leader in military and first responder footwear, is heading to the NSSF SHOT Show in Las Vegas, January 19-22. Following a successful launch to the motorcycle market at AIMExpo 2015 in Orlando, Bates will be introducing their new PowerSports line to the shooting, hunting and outdoor enthusiast market for the first time.


“We are thrilled to be showing our PowerSports footwear at the NSSF SHOT Show this year,” said Bates Footwear Marketing Director Julie McCauley. “There is a lot of crossover between this market and the motorcycle market, and we want to take this opportunity to introduce our PowerSports line to some consumers who might be more familiar with our tactical or dress products.”


Bates Footwear enjoys a proud 130-year heritage of manufacturing footwear from combat boots to formal dress shoes for the United States Armed Forces. The world’s most demanding consumers require footwear that offers protection, performance and all-day comfort, and it is this foundation that paved the way for Bates Footwear’s entry into the PowerSports industry.

Visit BatesFootwear.com to learn more about the Bates Footwear PowerSports line.

It’s Time for the Army to Reconsider Pigskin Leather for Boots

Monday, August 25th, 2014

Recently, we posted “Leader Book Notes” on boots from Sergeant Major of the Army, Raymond Chandler. While we applauded his candor, there was a very glaring error in the SMA’s information.

SMA Chandler stated that Warrior Leather is a “common use” term for pigskin. Turns out that is untrue. It is actually a trademarked product of Wolverine Worldwide. You know Wolverine because they own Bates Footwear. Wolverine is the parent company of 16 global brands such as Merrell, Saucony and Wolverine as well as Bates.


Oil, stain and abrasion-resistant Wolverine Warrior® Leather is treated with Scotchgard™ protector to create an invisible, stain-resistant barrier that improves durability without changing the breathability, color or texture of the leather.

Boots with Warrior® Leather are easy to clean and engingeered to resist dirt, mud, motor oil, vehicle fluids, gasoline and other oil-based chemicals.

Once we found out that the term “Warrior Leather” was an actual product that people were buying, it was time to learn more. We ended up discussing this issue recently with the folks at Bates. They’re using it for good reason. Bates found that their WWL is lighter weight, absorbs less liquid, dries faster, retains flexibility better, and is more stain resistant than cattle hide.


The real question in all of this is “what has the US Army got against pigskin leather in the first place?” After all, the other services use it. If it’s good enough for the Marines, why not them?

The first issue that must be addressed is durability. Pigskin is, in fact, thinner than cowhide. Some would take that to mean that it is less durable. Bates shared that over the last 10 years, they have delivered in excess of two million pair of WWL leather combat boots to the US military via DLA contracts and military exchanges without a single documented case of leather failure. Plus, pigskin is more supple. It’s easier to work during the construction of footwear and it breathes better than cowhide.

When the US Air Force moved to adopt pig leather, we know that several Jewish Airmen came forward with their objections. We can imagine that Islamic Airmen may well have been concerned as well. However, cow leather has never been completely replaced by pig leather in US combat boots. It’s only been added as another material solution. So service members have never been placed in a position that would compromise their religious duties. While we understand the religious objections of Jewish and Islamic service members, the overall advantages of pig leather should be weighed as an additional material. Just like there are kosher and halal rations available to those that require them, they’ll still have footwear that meets their needs. Conversely, current issue boots force Hindu Soldiers to wear cowhide. If we are going to use religious grounds as a basis for this decision, all traditions should be considered.

One of the most compelling arguments for the adoption of pig leather is that it diversifies the supply chain for boots. Due to the very fragile nature of the US raw material supply chain it is critical the US military have multiple leather sources in the case of a delivery disruption. Right now, the other services can take advantage of such diversification. Now, it’s the Army’s turn.

The last reason I will cite is, for the Army, the most important reason. Pigskin leather is less expensive than cattle hide. It’s that simple. The Army is the largest consumer of clothing and footwear in DoD and could relieve the cost for boots both institutionally as well as for the individual Soldier with the adoption of pigskin leather for boots; at no performance cost. They can turn those savings around to improve other gear or hasten the transition to OCP.

The advantage is there for the Army if they would reconsider their ban on the use of pigskin leather for combat footwear. Now, we’re not advocating the full scale replacement of cowhide here, but rather the addition of pigskin as an authorized boot material. With the current transition to a new camouflage pattern, cut of the Army Combat Uniform and boot color underway, every option should be on the table, including this one. SSD urges the US Army to reconsider their ban in the use of pigskin leather for combat boots.

UPDATE: I forgot to include a reason. More pigskin = more bacon!

Get Your Bates Recondo Jungle Boots Exclusively from Tactical Distributors

Friday, August 1st, 2014

TD Recondo Banner

Bates Footwear recently debuted their Recondo jungle boot, developed for a specialized military requirement for a boot for hot, wet environments. Now, they are available exclusively from Tactical Distributors. They feature side panels in the MultiCam pattern which is also known in the US military as Operational Camouflage Pattern.


Warrior East – Bates Recondo Update

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Last week we showed you the new Recondo jungle boot from Bates Footwear. There was a lot of interest but some readers were concerned with the MultiCam colorway produced for SOF customers. Never fear, Bates has anticipated your concerns and produced prototypes of a wide variety of models including the Coyote model below.


They’ve also made models in the entire MultiCam family including Arid, Black and Tropical.


They’ve also looked at offering camouflage color soles for some customers.



Bates to Unveil Recondo Jungle boot at ADS Warrior East

Monday, July 7th, 2014

Bates Footwear just gave us some great news. Named in honor of the Viet Nam War-era Reconnaissance Commando program, the Recondo Jungle Boot from Bates Footwear will make its debut at this week’s Warrior East expo. I’ve had a couple of chances to check the boot out over the past few months and it’s exciting to see what footwear manufacturers has developed to satisfy SOF requirements for a boot for hot-wet environments. The Army also has a requirement for a jungle boot which it is investigating via the resurrected Soldier Enhancement Program. Already, they have issued a Sources Sought Notice to industry and this is the Bates entry. I like what I see in the Bates Recondo. They’ve integrated several new materials along with a linerless design for quick drying and a new proprietary outsole.

Bates Recondo
Recondo™ Boot Provides Special Forces Operators With Innovative Quick Drying and Durable Solution for Multi-Terrain Regions

ROCKFORD, MI (July 7, 2014) – Bates Footwear, a division of Wolverine Worldwide (NYSE: WWW) announced today the launch of the Recondo jungle boot, a low-absorption, quick drying, durable solution designed to provide secure footing in multi-terrain jungle regions. Named for the Reconnaissance and Commando Training Course developed in the 1950s at Fort Campbell, the Recondo meets the need for a Berry Compliant jungle/tropical combat boot for today’s warfighters and peacekeepers.

HPW-U-041810 053

To meet the demands of today’s evolving asymmetrical threats, Bates partnered with the United States Army Special Forces Command (USASFC) to develop the Recondo. Bates received valuable performance feedback after the 75th Army Ranger Regiment tested the Recondo in Central America during the winter of 2014. As a result, the Recondo boot delivers an exclusive lighter weight, quick drying durable leather and textile upper and has been designed to provide the best breathability possible for the spectrum of jungle combat situations.

“The Recondo provides a much needed jungle boot update for the next generation of our armed services,” said Bates Footwear President Onder Ors. “Based on the specific feedback we received from our development partners in the Special Operations Forces, Bates has created the only boot specifically engineered for hot, wet and humid combat environments common in tropical regions.”

The Recondo boot is made with Wolverine Warrior Leather™ which is lightweight, durable, breathable, and is water, stain, and oil resistant. The MultiCam® ripstop nylon fabric enhances performance as it is lightweight, abrasion resistant, and highly durable. The blended upper material is light, strong, comfortable and has near infrared properties (NIR) making the boot less visible in low light environments.

The Recondo utilizes a unique lacing system developed based on feedback from operators and incorporates Bates’ many years of experience with lace-to-toe styles. This assures that all users can easily utilize the speed lace system and achieve proper fit and closure.

The design of the solid rubber outsole is the Vibram® Mutant, which has a deeper, more aggressive lug depth for off road traction, a multi-directional leading edge that enhance slip-resisting properties, and a rounded heel for natural touch down. This sole design has also incorporated a customized rubber compound that is durable enough to withstand Special Operations Forces use in hot weather, temperate weather, and mountainous operational environments.

The Recondo boot is being officially launched at the ADS Warrior Expo East in Virginia Beach, VA, on July 10th and 11th. This premiere industry event brings end users, program managers, and procurement specialists together with industry-leading solutions providers in an environment designed specifically for government and defense organizations. The Recondo will be available for purchase beginning Fall 2014. Visit warrior-expo.com for more information on the event.

Bates Supports Wounded Artists

Thursday, September 19th, 2013


This story from Bates Footwear is pretty cool. They’ve given five wounded warriors the opportunity to partner with an artist through Fashion Has Heart to creat their ArtPrize entries. The HERO[series], pairs a Hero with an Artist to collaborate in order to share that hero’s story through the medium of art and design. Each veteran was paired with artists and designers to create two pairs of Bates boots – one for themselves and another to be included in ArtPrize® in September 2013. The veterans returned to Grand Rapids unveiled their ArtPrize® entry, “HERO[series],” on Wednesday, Sept. 11. The entry can be found at the Fashion Has Heart venue, 144 E. Fulton St, Grand Rapids, MI. Voting begins September 18, 2013.


Above, you can see COL Kathryn Champion’s entry. To see all five entries as well as learn about the participants, visit www.batesfootwear.com.