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Blackhawk! at SHOT Show

We received Blackhawk!’s 2011 catalog a couple of weeks ago and to be honest, we are impressed. It’s hard to believe that they are able to introduce as many products as they do, year after year.

One of the products we are happy to see hitting the streets this time around is the High Performance Fighting Uniform (HPFUâ„¢). BLACKHAWK! is now offering a version of it without their patented I.T.S. â„¢ (Integrated Tourniquet System) called the HPFU Slick. This woks out great for those who don’t need the added security of tourniquets day-to-day.

Additionally, they are offering an updated version of the standard HPFU with a more streamlined I.T.S. ™. A single tourniquet is pre-positioned in the axillary area of each arm and the apex of the thigh of each leg for immediate activation by self or buddy-aid to stem blood loss in an emergency. Both are available in Black, Olive Drab, Desert Digital, and MultiCam® (yep, Blachawk is on the MultiCam wagon big time).

In addition to the HPFUs look for new athletic wear, station house uniforms for fire and EMS, clothing, updated versions of popular clothing designs and a whole slew of nylon gear.

Visit BLACKHAWK! at SHOT Show in booth #11971/12271 Level 2


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