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GSS Launches NBOW

Global Supply Solutions, LLC has just announced the launch NBOW, a new line of operator designed tactical gear.

“NBOW represents the culmination of years of listening to our customers. We are very proud to represent our manufacturers and deeply appreciate our relationships,” notes Emily Whittaker, CEO of GSS Gear, “but sometimes there are requirements that cannot be commercially met. We believe that NBOW is the future of delivering specific equipment for specific needs.”

“Each NBOW product is the brainchild of a tactical gear user,” says Emily Whittaker. Product ideas are submitted for review to the GSS Gear design team. Submissions which are approved, designed, and manufactured will bear the NBOW insignia with the originator sharing in the naming of the product. Additionally a percentage of the profits from each product will be donated to the originator’s charity of choice. “We at GSS Gear cannot conceive of a better solution for the community as a whole,” remarks Whittaker.

The first NBOWTM products will be available the beginning April of 2011.


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