GORE-TEX Professional

Breaching Tool

This isn’t a hatchet. It’s not an axe. It’s a very specialized breaching tool and it’s one of the hidden gems from SHOT Show. With prototypes spanning back over two years, the Breaching Tool is a collaboration between Strider Knives and a group of SMEs.

In the photo above you can see the first variant (CH) along with the as yet unnamed current version. With numerous prototypes in between, it gives you a good idea of how the design evolved over time through hands on user and feedback.

Starting at the bottom of the tool, the hooked toe helps keep it in the hand during chopping and raking. It also serves as an index during low light conditions so the Breacher can easily determine which in direction he has the tool oriented. The toe also has a lanyard hole. Next, the G10 handle is designed to maintain a firm grip even when wet. The lower portion of the front cutting surface is also sharpened. This feature was added at the request of Breachers who have to quickly access stucco wall spaces. These are often built using chicken wire as a base and more often than not contain various types of wires spanning between the studs. It allows the Breacher to chop into the wall and rake back toward himself to rapidly reduce the wall. Finally, there are two cutting edges. Once again referring to the photo, you can see both are much longer than the initial version. The front cutting surface is similar to an axe and the rear is more of a chisel blade. Finally, the top of the tool incorporates a prybar.

Additionally, don’t let the lack of finish on the final prototype fool you. The production model will come with a protective finish.

Some have asked about a means of carrying the Breaching Tool. Consultant Bill Stojack developed a simple means that can be adapted to many carrying styles. He came up with a kydex bikini that covers both blades. It can be tethered to equipment so that pulling on the Breaching Tool with the strong hand simultaneously removes the bikini and brings it to bear.

An interesting tidbit is that generally, Strider designs are named after someone or something involved in the development process. In this case, the name William Stojack has been thrown around. However, he is generally known to friends as Bill. While the Breaching Tool hasn’t been named yet, you can imagine what digraph has been thrown around.

Available soon from Strider Knives.


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