Level Peaks MultiCam Technical Windproof Smock In Stock

Despite high demand, Level Peaks has finally gotten the Technical Windproof Smock back in stock. They go quick, and demand will be even higher with the MoD just announcing the new Personal Clothing System. Many troops will not receive PCS for some time and will be looking for a high quality alternative. As you may recall, the new Multi Terrain pattern adopted last year by her Majesty’s forces was developed in conjunction with Crye Precision. While MTP is uniquely British, you can see the similarities with MultiCam. Wearing the two patterns together is almost seamless. It’s nothing at all like pairing the old Woodland DPM with the US Woodland. In fact, MultiCam and MTP blend in splendidly. Since, MTP is tightly controlled by the MoD commercial products are nonexistent further complicating matters for those who want to upgrade their kit now rather than waiting for the QM Stores to catch up. On the flip side, the design of the Smock is excellent and is a great product for those outside of the UK who use MultiCam.

A Quick Review of the MultiCam Technical Windproof Smock
-Made from the finest materials
–Nanosphere with built in mosquito repellent.
–Wind, sand, & water resistant. This aids the resistance to stain from blood, oils, and other liquids.
–Anti-bacterial to enhance the anti-odor properties.
–Coldblack – the sun reflector technology reduces the products heat by 40%.
-Lightweight, low bulk & extremely comfortable.
-Not to mention sleeve pockets, chest pockets, Napoleon pockets, and fleece lined ‘Slack Time’ hand pockets.

In addition to MultiCam, the Smock is also offered in DPM 95. Level Peaks will also produce the Smock in MTP, Digi Cam (MARPAT), Black, Foliage Green, and Sand under contract.


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