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ECLiPSE RBAV-AF (AF as in Air Force)

Actually, this isn’t the first version of the Releasable Body Armor Vest for the Air Force. Just over a year ago, BAE outfitted Air Force TACPs with vests as well as a pouch suite. This new variant of BAE’s ECLiPSE RBAV is designed specifically for the Guardian Angel Weapon System (USAF PJs) and packs a couple of new features not found in other versions. For example, it includes communications cable routing (referred to as management) into the design meaning no more exposed radio cables. Although a subtle upgrade BAE designers slightly modified the rear flap covering the cable release mechanism which alleviated some binding issues that can occur with previous iterations. Additionally, BAE redesigned the release cable handle for the cutaway to make it easier to get a hold of and deploy. The RBAV-AF also integrates an internal chest pocket for documents and other small items as well as a pouch for a hydration reservoir in the rear. Finally, the cummerbund internal side pockets will accept magazines as well as batteries.

Here is the full information sheet provided by BAE.




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