GORE-TEX Professional

Spotted at IDEX, MultiCam Trainers

We recently received a few photos of even more MultiCam goodness from Magnum USA. Oddly enough, they were taken by a reader who was attending IDEX in Abu Dhabi, UAE. You see? You just can’t escape the awesomeness of MultiCam, no matter where you flee. While he provided photos of three different models we are only going to share one with you right now.

We did see a couple of models of MultiCam trainers at SHOT Show but they weren’t exactly parading them about. As we understand it, they are all currently undergoing trials in bad places and once Magnum receives some solid feedback from the field they will work the final prototypes for formal unveiling at SHOT Show 2012. We have seen the future and it is MultiCam.

For those of you who can’t wait and want Magnum Boots now, visit www.magnumboots.com.

Thanks to our intrepid reader who sent us this sneak peek into the future of footwear.


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