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LBT’s Deployment Bags ADS

In addition to their entire line of tactical nylon products, London Bridge Trading Company offers a variety of deployment bags and associated carry options. Berry compliant and available in several color schemes, LBT products are well made and in my experience reliable. For example, the Large Wheeled Padded Loadout Bag in the video below is like the Mack truck of baggage. Sure, it’s a stout bag even when empty, but this thing is the modern equivalent of a steamer trunk, with one big difference; its own wheels. When you are hauling around a fully loaded bag you want to be able to move it yourself. Also, if you transporting this much stuff chances are good that some of it is going to be fragile Between padding and a reinforced kydex back the LBT-2467A is designed to handle that. Additionally, this thing is covered with pockets to compartmentalize your gear.

While I don’t own one I checked it our at SHOT show and am impressed. It isn’t for the casual user, but rather well suited for the guy who deploys with a substantial amount of kit. Don’t worry, if you travel with less, LBT has other options as well. Check out this mini catalog for details on their entire run of baggage options.

LBT Deployment Bag Mini Catalog 2011

These deployment bags as well as all LBT products are available for agency purchase through ADS Inc.

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