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Russian Future Soldier System Update

Yes, the Russians are working on a Future Soldier System program but it appears that their near-term plan is to purchase FELIN systems (Fantassin à Équipement et Liaisons Intégrés or Integrated Equipment and Communications Infantryman) from France, perhaps as a means to kick start their effort and get caught up. Cats and Dogs living together. While the deal still has not been inked, the purchase would only be for test articles of an as yet undetermined number. “The Voice of Russia” has a gallery of FELIN photos, so check them out.


However, we have read several reports over the last two weeks that indicate that the Russian military intends to eventually begin a domestic effort to digitize the Soldier. However, according to First Deputy Defense Ministry Vladimir Popovkin the system won’t be ready until 2020.

This isn’t the first modernization program that Russia is outsourcing to foreign concerns. They have also contracted to purchase two Mistral helicopter carriers from France as well as Iveco armored cars from Italy. In both cases, the initial systems will be produced in the originating countries and future examples will be built under license in Russia.


8 Responses to “Russian Future Soldier System Update”

  1. tomaso says:

    This is real funny concidering i think i read on Tactical fanboy, about the next COD, and how russians would never use the french famas…lol great timing.

  2. UlfBjorn says:

    I was thinking the same thing.
    Uncanny timing and that MW might have it right.

  3. Clayman says:

    This is a break in tradition. I know from battlefield accounts that generally Russian soldiers, having tested them, found m4s, g36s and similar weapons prone to failure. And detest them. Now IMHO, this is out of the question as they STILL have not gotten enough of their last modernized gear to combat troops. There are class A combat troops with ssh40 helmets from ww2, while conscripts are issued the new Kevlar 6b27. It is not logistically readable for this system as they still issue “dated” kit.

  4. Bushman says:

    That’s not the first case.
    In 2007 Thales group and Rosoboronexport (do we have to say “Rosoboronimport” now?) signed an agreement about delivery of Catherine FC thermal cameras for T-90 tank equipment. (Just because Russian cameras has poor support and quality is not repeatable enough.)
    Ctherine cameras are used on police helicopters in the same time.
    Again, EADS (European company, but mostly French branch) supplies TETRA radio systems for police and civil government companies.
    If you visit any military equipment exhibition in Russia, you can always see there some communication devices very similar to Harris, Thales and others.
    So, it’s just a question of common sense for Russian MoD: if they want working electronic devices, they should buy “originals”, not “copies” with poor quality.
    Russian military companies can produce big, heavy, simple and effective (but very expensive) things like tanks or Soyuz spaceship in limited quantities. But not something related to reliable, small, hi-tech mass-production things.

  5. Administrator says:

    The FAMAS is manufactured by Nexter which used to be GIAT while the FELIN system is primed by Sagem Defense Securite. Sagem doesn’t build the guns, they just offer appliques for them. I doubt that the Russians would be very interested in a 5.56 weapon.

  6. Mr. Sopalin says:

    Administrator is right, Sagem will sell the FELIN system, not the “new” famas FELIN. Which could be replaced by the HK416/417…

    This is why you can see all the FELIN stuff on the swiss sieg 550.

    Also, all the pictures from “the voice of russia” are pretty old now.

  7. snmp says:

    in fact, Sagem & Thales have sold to canada, Swiss & Germany some parts of the FELIN program like DECT Radio with ear/mic bones vibrating & the thermal Sight/camera with transmission of image to team leader or the HQ.

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