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Army Camo Improvement Effort Solicitation Delayed

According to Army officials the new release date is 1 April, 2011. No changes have been made to the draft But rather the delay is associated with staffing.

8 Responses to “Army Camo Improvement Effort Solicitation Delayed”

  1. I think they are just messing with us now. Released on April Fools?

  2. Strike-Hold says:

    Hurry about and wait – timed honoured Army tradition. But I also noticed the irony of the April Fool’s Day date.

  3. Zlodey Volk says:

    Face it: they don’t really want to ditch UCP, because it would mean admitting that they were wrong.

  4. Administrator says:

    Yeah, I noticed that too. How ironic. They still have to brief one GO and that is what is holding this up.

  5. Jon says:

    Delayed again?
    They would set the date on the first though, it just figures.

    Zlodey, they probably don’t love UCP so much, it’s probably just that they may not have a properly working budget because of congress, have a rifle improvement program going at the same time, war in Astan, and maybe in Libya too.

    They certainly have a full plate. Personally, I don’t mind the extra R&D time. (except for the expedited shipping I just paid for, ha)

  6. Administrator says:

    The delay is because of briefing schedules.

  7. Johnny B says:

    The delay is because the commercial patterns have it all over the government ones, and they are scrambling to figure out how not to lose so much face when they show up with “UCP-Echo”.

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