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Tucson Padres Sporting Camo Uniforms

Minor League Baseball team Tucson Padres will be sporting 3-color Desert camo uniforms this season for Sunday games as well as military holiday games.

From their press release:

Military Uniform: In partnership with the San Diego Padres, the Tucson Padres are wearing camouflage military jerseys for Sunday home games and other appropriate military holidays throughout the 2011 season. As a gesture of support for the Tucson military community, the San Diego Padres are giving these game worn jerseys from 2010 to the Tucson Padres for the 2011 season.


One Response to “Tucson Padres Sporting Camo Uniforms”

  1. FormerDirtDart says:

    Looks like Tucson is getting San Diego’s hand-me-downs. The big league team upgraded to Desert Marpat, from 3-color Desert, this season.