More Military Camo Moments

Recently, two fairly significant events happened regarding military camouflage. First, on 14 March a vanload of illegal immigrants and their smugglers were apprehended east of San Diego by Border Patrol agents. At face value this sounds pretty routine, except that these illegals were wearing MARPAT uniforms and sporting high and tight haircuts. What’s more, they had swapped their van’s tags to US Government plates and had a simple cover story explaining that they were on their way to nearby, March AFB. Fortunately for us, one of the Border Patrol agents was a former Marine and asked one simple question that tripped up the illegals. That question? “What is the birthday of the US Marine Corps?” The bad guys didn’t know and are now cooling their heels in detention.

Next, US European Command (EUCOM) announced that military personnel are not allowed to wear camouflaged uniforms off post. This includes while commuting back and forth to work and comes in response to the recent fatal attack on US Airmen in Frankfurt by a Muslim gunman. Similar edicts have been made in the past so this isn’t a first but it does show how seriously EUCOM is taking this most recent threat.

5 Responses to “More Military Camo Moments”

  1. Tim Thomas says:

    EUCOM is taking the threat seriuosly…? You wouldn’t think so if it was you the muslims gunned down…
    How about something more productive than not wearing a uniform in public… Like training military personnel with pistols, and allowing them to carry concealed whenever and where ever they are serving…
    Similar to today’s Law Enforcement community…

  2. Kilian says:

    Regarding concealed carry and the military and the analogy to police officers, this would not have prevented the attack the attack on that killed 2 airmen and wounded 2 others. This attack was carried out in Frankfurt, Germany. Us law enforcement have no authorization to carry concealed weapons outside the United States. The US DOD has no authority to allow carrying of weapons off bases in Germany.

    The other issue is that more serving soldiers are murdered by other soldiers on bases, than by terrorist attacks in friendly countries.

  3. Adam says:

    Here’s an idea, all of our SOFA’s from now on require the allowance of trained/certified US Citizens to carry concealed if allowed by DoD regulations or we just say “Well we value the lives of our citizens over whatever BS reason we’re propping up your country.” If they don’t like it then they can defend themselves.

    Obviously this will never happen, but the idea of sending US Servicemen to foreign counties, which often are anti-US to begin with, unprotected is just plain sad.

    Also hiding behind the statement oh we kill ourselves more than the enemy does is pointless. There will always be violence in our society but being able to defend yourself shouldn’t be dictated to us by a foreign country.

  4. Kilian says:

    I am just pointing out why it won’t happen. The carrying of a loaded firearm on a military base by most DOD personnel in the US is not allowed, either. Personally owned firearms are normally not allowed and must be kept in the armory. Concealed carry is normally not allowed under any circumstance (MPs, etc)

  5. Adam says:

    What you’re saying is true, however, that doesn’t make it right or the safe thing to do.

    Basically a majority of DoD personnel are still stuck in the mantra that guns in the hands of “Joe” is going to equal more dead “Joes” because of alcohol and the increasing violence we find on military bases. That has nothing to do with firearms just the inability of the military to properly control, discipline and eject problem cases from the military.

    Just because I join the service shouldn’t mean I loose my basic fundamental rights. This idea, “When you join the military you don’t have the luxury of the same rights as your fellow citizens.” which has been a tenant that officials have been hiding behind for years.

    That’s just a cop-out, in my opinion, for a lack of control and responsibility.