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Breaking News- EOTAC Website Offline

Rumors have been swirling since SHOT show that Freedom Group clothing brand, EOTAC would close it’s doors 31 March. Back in February we spoke with FGI representatives about the story. While they didn’t deny, they were much more interested in where the leak had originated. Now, right on schedule, their website is offline. We will bring you more details as they become available.

6 Responses to “Breaking News- EOTAC Website Offline”

  1. Doug says:

    I noticed EOTAC shirts on the cover of the latest Sportsman’s Guide catalog, which would tend to support this rumor…

  2. Dave says:

    EOTAC offices in Columbia, SC seemed to be closed when I drove by there yesterday… FWIW

  3. Rob says:

    Another company that FGI ruined. Heard from an EOTAC dealer that they are rebranding the EOTAC line under the other FGI clothing company, Mountain Khaki. Next they will be rebranding DPMS under Bushmaster.

  4. […] addition to EOTAC falling off the face of the earth earlier this week, Freedom Group Inc filed on Friday, April 1st to withdraw their IPO bid with the […]

  5. […] Soldier Systems Daily reported on the website’s apparent demise on Thursday, March 21. When speaking to SSD in February, EOTAC’s parent company Freedom Group Inc. did not deny that EOTAC would be closing. However, they were mighty interested in how SSD learned about it. […]

  6. […] would seem that the tactical gear rumors were true. EOTAC appears to have shut its doors for good. Soldier Systems Daily broke the news that its website was no longer functioning late on March […]