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Raider Magazine Features A-TACS Camo

This month’s British magazine Raider features A-TACS camo. Look for it now at your favorite news stands.


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5 Responses to “Raider Magazine Features A-TACS Camo”

  1. Lorenzo says:

    The more I look at it in details, the more it seems an italian vegetato inspired camo.

    Different colors and faded down, but the basics are similar.

  2. Strike-Hold says:

    Did they actually use it and test it themselves, or just copy content from the company’s website and press release (or Wikipedia) as per usual?

  3. Johnny B says:

    The more I see of A-TACS, the more I like it.

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  5. Lawrence is that Green Eyed Monster coming out in you again?
    The first in a series of Article was published working closely with Philip Duke @Digital Concealment Systems, LLC..
    The second in the series of articles will follow where we send out a few sets (curtsy of Digital Concealment Systems) with our tried and Tested team in Raider

    Our Tried and Tested team comprise of serving British Soldiers in the Marines , Parachute Reg and 16 air assault

    Infact Raider has the highest penetration of any publish into ISAF Troops in Afghanistan ( Source Higgs International)
    For us its all about Boots on the ground and not slippers in your living room