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Hardcore Hardware Australia

From a land down under comes Hardcore Hardware’s new Tomahawk. Crafted from coated D2 tool steel, the handle is wrapped in 550 cord and comes with a nylon MOLLE compatible sheath. This is brand new on the market and looks to be built with a severe dosage of arse-kickery involved.


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5 Responses to “Hardcore Hardware Australia”

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  2. JLL says:

    Looks like RMJ Forge’s stuff

  3. 96C says:

    The only similarity between this and the RMJ Shrike is that it’s a tomahawk… The metal is different, the manufacture process is completely different, the handle is different, the head shape is different, there is no sharpening stone in the tail end. The sheath is different, they have almost nothing in common.

  4. JSpader2011 says:

    As far as I can tell the offering from HHA is nothing like the RMJ.

    Different steel type, tool coating, handle material & design, head and spike shape, overall geometry, sheath and heat treatment. Sometime it pays to do ya research!

    HHA & RMJ have both made tomahawks and made them out of steel, I can think of at least a dozen companies out there that do this – the more the better! More choice for consumers…


  5. Ricky154 says:

    Found this link on Youtube as well.

    Looks GTG to me