Neptunic Technologies Protective Materials

Developed by Jeremiah Sullivan for use in shark proof suits, this new Neptech material is a replacement for the chain mail suits in use for the past 30 years. In fact, if you’ve ever watched Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, you’ve seen the chain mail suits in use. And, you may have seen a teaser where Jeremiah showed a next generation material that was integrated directly into the wet suit. The goal was to protect from the bite of a great white shark. A few Navy frogmen found out about Neptech and immediately realized that it would be great for land warfare clothing as well as for diving suits.

We’ve seen cut resistant materials before but this one is different. It is truly puncture resistant as well. Sure, if you lay up enough of anything including paper it becomes puncture resistant, but with some materials it becomes too heavy and too bulky to wear as part of your clothing. This is what makes Neptech different.

As you can see in the video, it is a porous, permeable material and yet it fully sheds slashes. When several layers are combined it is capable of preventing stabbing penetrations and can even break a blade. Additionally, based on additional footage I have seen, Neptech materials are flame resistant. All in all, that makes for a great addition to a field uniform if even only for certain special applications.


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