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ARES Armor Combat XII Pack

PredatorBDU is now offering the ARES Armor Combat XII Pack. Originally designed for a Marine Sniper Platoon, the Combat XII Pack offers a lightweight solution for short duration patrols. Despite being constructed of 1000D Cordura, it weighs in at a scant 25.9 ounces. It has special pockets along the top to hold six extra 5.56 magazines or four 7.62 NATO SASS magazines. Additionally, it features two GP pouches on the rear of the pack that are accessible from either side while the pack is worn facilitating “fighting off your buddy’s back”.

In interior is equally well laid out with the main compartment adequate to hold several field stripped MREs as well as either two 100 oz hydration reservoirs or a single reservoir and a 117G radio.

For lightweight loads (25 lbs and under) the Combat XII Pack features a unique direct to body armor wear system that allows the wearer’s arms full range of motion. For heavier loads, the Combat XII comes with shoulder straps so the pack can be worn by itself.

Available in A-TACS, MultiCam, OD, Black, Coyote for $135.99. Additionally, PredatorBDU exclusively offers matching A-TACS or MultiCam Webbing as an option for $15 more. Free Shipping in the Continental US, APO, FPO.


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15 Responses to “ARES Armor Combat XII Pack”

  1. Lyttle says:

    will be picking this up for sure! why no ACU?

  2. Ilia Smith says:

    This is another cumbersome version of the Modular assault pack by Agilite which comes on and off really easily and is much lighter weight because it’s MASS not MOLLE. It also has an internal divider to keep the weight high up on your back.

  3. Editor says:


  4. james says:

    Are we looking at the same pack. this is not mollied to the carrier. by the way look at the specs before you post… you are clearly a troll from that company considering you are linking to their page and spouting incorrect information.

    based on looks alone the Ares Armor one is a lot more usable than the one you mention made by foreigners in Israel.

  5. EmmOhEee says:

    Is that a Brit MTP shirt on the first pic?

  6. Jesse says:

    It is an MTP Shirt

  7. Somthingfunny says:

    You could be right ! I think it is an MTP shirt ….good spot !
    Nice idea on the attchement to the armour but the lower ones might interfear with other pouch placment on the cumberbund ? no ?

  8. ares armor says:

    Those clips on the bottom can be moved at will. it is a split buckle that can be arranged on the gear as needed.

    Yes that is an MTP Shirt. One of our owners recently returned from a deployment in Afghanistan and had traded some stuff with the Brits out there.

  9. alan says:

    Great… Something else I will be compelled to purchase come pay day. Looks good guys! I am in a Boat co. This thing looks perfect for what we do. Semper Fi Brother!

  10. Mudslinger says:

    could this be attached to any larger packs? Like the issued day packs do?

  11. Editor says:

    I saw the MTP UBACS shirt while I was preparing the article. Awesome score!

  12. ares armor says:

    Editor – We have one extra shirt in MTP, ill send it out to you.

    Mudslinger – yes this can very easily be attached to other larger packs that have molle on them.

    On a side note we have a new ruck that will be released sometime soon that is designed to directly incorporate the Combat XII Pack.

  13. Nick The Brit says:

    If I could strap this to my Issue MOLLE Ruck I woulg get it. Just a hair bigger than a camel back, but smaller than an assault pack – PERFECT! As a leader you have to carry a little extra kit, so this is a great size for 1-2 day operations.

  14. Ares Armor says:

    As long as its a molle ruck you should have no troubles. lock in the split buckles to the down low and strap in the front males to either the top of the frame or on the lid, you can cinch it up nice and tight to the ruck and then its a quick couple of buckle disconnects and you can leave the main ruck and do shorter patrols with the Combat XII.

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