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Blackwater North Now Impact Training Center

This might not be news to everybody, but I don’t think that everyone knows about it. Impact Training Center used to be known as Formerly Blackwater North/US Training Center and is located in Illinois, right in America’s heartland. It is now owned and operated by former Blackwater/US Training Center instructors.

Impact Training Center offers courses for everyone involved in shooting and shooting related sports. From Beginner Pistol courses to Advanced Sniper Conditioning, Impact Training Center has a course to meet the needs of all at a cost well below the industry standard. In addition to resident training, Impact Training Center also offers courses via Mobile Training Team to any destination within the United States.

Additionally, they are involved in the Veteran’s community, hosting the upcoming midwest M1 for Vets event.

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2 Responses to “Blackwater North Now Impact Training Center”

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  2. Carl Linder says:

    I wanted serious quality firearms training, though I had no military background.
    Irrelevant of someone’s personal opinion on politics, I believe most would agree that Blackwater is no fly by night organization when it comes to firearms and tactical training.

    In the process of research for the place I wished to go, I also came across the Magpul organization, it seemed that some of there trainers at some point in time also had connection in one way or another to Blackwater, so I was starting to see some consistency. With all the hype out about Magpul I set out to train with them but a misunderstanding between myself and administration left me quiet frustrated and on a waiting list.
    I decided to look into Backwater and was vary excited to see they had a location in Illinois, only to be let down again when I found they had recently closed two of there four locations, Illinois being one of them.
    My next thought was “what the hell does a multimillion-dollar organization do with a training facility like that” ?
    I continued my search to find the training facility in Illinois was being run under the name of IMPACT.
    The website seemed a little tricky to find but looked as though they offered the type of training I was looking for.
    When calling them the person who answered the phone seemed polite knowledgeable and caring with the answers to my questions, this was the final straw making me decide this is where I would go.

    Laurie, made staying rite on the grounds at what they call the lodge, easy and possible, she also made sure three great meals a day were served to all the guests staying there.

    Our instructor in the handgun course was Steve Stovall.
    Instructors of this caliber and experience do not grow on trees, I think everyone there would support my feelings on this. I can’t say enough about the experience here on every level. This place is serious.

    IMPACT was a fantastic experience!
    We are planning our next training here as I type.


    Carl Linder
    Linders Karate