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Infidel Caps Releases bin Laden T-shirt

Infidel Caps has just made their newest shirt available for pre-sale. The “Bin Laden” shows the perfect cocktail mix for the recently-departed terrorist mastermind on the back, while the term Infidel rides on the front, a view our enemies have of us which has easily become a term of endearment. The shirts are available in both black and grey, and come in sizes ranging from small to 2XL. Plus, bin Laden’s head is a martini olive with an AK for a toothpick. How can you not like that?

You can order this shirt, and other fine Infidel products, at

Props to for the story.


5 Responses to “Infidel Caps Releases bin Laden T-shirt”

  1. godanov says:

    This is disgusting.

  2. .308 says:

    So dumb… why?

    Two things I think of when I see this type of apparel;
    1) This is not someone I want to do business with.
    2) This person is probably not an operator of any sort…

    CLASS… this shows lots of class, ALL LOW.

  3. denison says:

    QUIET PROFESSIONALS got a fantastic job done so what is the point of mindlessly dumb and inflammatory stuff like this?

    It helps no-one and just perpetuates stereotypes, hate and misunderstanding!!!


  4. Al V says:

    If I was in the back woods and just finished eating squirrel, I might use that shirt to impress the mountain ladies.

  5. Claudia says:

    like it!!