AN/PRC-152 Adapter from Silynx

Due to increased use of the AN/PRC-152 radio, Silynx Communications has released a new smart side PRC-152 cable adaptor. When connected to their C4OPS or Micro C4OPS, the new low profile cable adaptor enables the user to remote control the radio’s channels and volume. It also provides parasitic power from the 152 to the C4OPS or Micro C4OPS control box eliminating the requirement for yet another battery.

In addition, Silynx has also released BA5590 single and dual AN/PRC- 152 splitters. The splitters allow communicators and JTACs to carry up to two 152 radios powered from a single BA5590 battery.

Finally, don’t forget to contact Silynx and make sure you are using the latest software release.

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