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DDM4 Torture Test

Pretty interesting video. I’d say it speaks for itself.

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12 Responses to “DDM4 Torture Test”

  1. JS says:

    I dont like that they taped the muzzle because I assume that in the middle of combat its not going to be taped,besides the guy said they want to put as much abuse as possible so dont tape the muzzle…

  2. tomaso says:

    As much abuse as possible…..??? i love these statments..”cleaned and lubed like be for the dirt test”…how about cleaning it ONCE at the start then run it threw the ALL test…and see were it fails…for the most part i like these guys, but this was like watching politicians promise stuff..

  3. D2 says:

    Did iron sights work on the helo drop test? That would have validated the concept of co- witnessed back up sighting systems that m4 industry and training programs put heavy emphasis on.

  4. tomaso says:

    D2…was woundering the same….. i have to say the explosive test for me was the best…it took a “BANG” and kept shooting…i think what would of made it a great test would of been “mythbuster style” pick up rifle do nothing but put it in a shooting vise with remote trigger…rack and shoot…..just like its done in the real world underfire.

  5. Administrator says:

    Gents, not sure how much experience you have with weaponry but a couple of the comments lead me to believe that experience is a bit lacking so I will let you guys know this.

    NEVER fire a rifle with a barrel full of water, dirt, or other debris. No matter the weapon, you risk the same result; an exploded barrel. They didn’t test it that way because it would be DANGEROUS.

    In combat if you get dirt in your barrel you will have to stop what you are doing and clear the barrel.

  6. F-Trooper05 says:

    I love hearing “holly fuck” in a promo video.

  7. Merlin says:

    Just buy an HK 416/417 and you can shoot it with water/dirt inside without exploding

  8. tomaso says:

    ADMID…how many soilders underfire get to check thier barrels !!!! or at that rate “lube” them!!….if you read my “no combat experiance” responce i did mention”mythbusters style vise and remote trigger” …and another note i remember seeing MAGPUL shoot the Masaada(sp?) right after it was in the ocean…(the shooter did shake it a little) = )

  9. scott s. says:

    tomaso I agree the should have done a traditional “over the beach” test, dunk it rack the slide back and shake. I believe this test is common practice with military weapons testing. also i would like to see them drop the gun directly on the magazine (at least on the first 2 test as it would be nearly imposible from the helo) and see what happens.

  10. Administrator says:

    Soldiers tape their barrels or use the issue plastic barrel caps. That is unless they have lazy NCOs who don’t enforce standards.

  11. Administrator says:

    And oh yeah, you don’t shoot a barrel full of water, you let it drain out first.

  12. tomaso says:

    admid..not look to start a piss match..knowing hydrodynamics is very good idea…but and this is a huge “but”..when testing any devise that is as important as a combat weapon “adjusting” the test procedures to eliminate a possibility that is more prevalent to happen in the Field is wrong. “krap happens”
    no one wants to see their product fail…but failure is how designers build better products

    I myself have never been in a firefight….but if i was testing a weapon that would be, i would of tested “like it would be”…and barrel condoms dont get put back on during engagments……