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Death Rides a Pale Horse

Not only does Death ride a Pale Horse, but Death’s a “she” and she knows how to wear a Stetson.

Goota love the Cav.

12 Responses to “Death Rides a Pale Horse”

  1. Administrator says:

    One of our readers sent in this excellent bit of creative writing.

    fatty with Stetson
    setting a bad example
    Q.M.P. ringer

  2. packtray says:

    Here’s another Fat Cav Guy haiku:

    death rides a pale horse
    the horse dies from a bad back
    chapter fatty now

  3. packtray says:

    The above haiku targets the trainwreck in the air terminal. The female soldiers in the above’s Stetsons are well within standard.

  4. Mtnboy says:

    It kind of aggravates me to see fobbits wearing a uniform meant for combat soldiers, the only combat they’ve seen is a paper cut. Whatever happened to the rule that multi-cam won’t be worn by pogues and will not be worn in the COP? They look like a few of the types that never leave the wire but because they wanted it they got it so they can look cool. Am I mistaken by that rule or is this the new uniform for every one?

  5. Aaron says:

    They look like Aviators to me. Not Fobbits.

  6. UGH says:

    Avaitors all of them. Who risk their lives every time they turn rotors. add to that a combat area. risk goes up 1000% .They wear it well, and earn their pay…

  7. DUSTOFF IP says:

    Yes, they are fliers. The new AACU in OCP is very nice. I can’t wait to get issued mine.

  8. Old Paratrooper says:

    I say “Son, you’re smart but you’re stupid”. Give those fellow Soldiers some respect. Despite congress’s assertion otherwise, females do find themselves getting shot at once in awhile.

  9. 3-101 says:

    Check out those aviators dress uniforms and then make your comment about Fobbits – I knew them years ago and they didn’t back down from any fight

  10. Rogue7a says:

    Nothing aggrevates me more than someone who jumps to conclusions. Next time look closer. They actually have more of a “Warrior” appearace than the slug wrench turner at the airport (and YES, I KNOW he’s a wrench turner). UGH is right, risk goes up 1000% when the rotars crank and many of us would not be here if it weren’t for people like them providing rotary CAS and “Dust-Off”. The funny thing is that the slug in the picture probably thinks higher than himself. It’s only a matter of time before this war ends for the conventional forces and the stalanistic purges will begin to rid the service of his type.

  11. Mtnboy says:

    Well then, I stand corrected. I don’t usually associate women with anything combat related whether it be aviators or ground troops.

  12. s says:


    Obviously you have no idea what your talking about, multi-cam? that uniform is not multi-cam. Btw multi-cam is just for Soldiers deployed to Afghan not Iraq. He’s wearing Flight uniforms considering hes aviation. And for the people saying hes fat, Hes probably more fit then you. He is not fat by any standards. Yes he was wrong in wearing the stetson in the airport, however i think there are two sides to every story and honestly i highly doubt the soldier would say “[email protected]# off”. Hes not that type of Soldier. I think the writer of this article or whoever the civilian was is blowing this up more then it even should be with a one-sided lying article. Thanks