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“Strike Back” Coming Soon from Cinemax

Although it is billed as a Cinemax produced series, it was actually originally developed for UK-based Sky 1 and shown there in twice weekly installments starting in May 2010. Based on a novel by SAS veteran (Bravo Two-Zero) Chris Ryan, the American version will actually be a second series of “Strike Back”. The original 6-part series followed the adventures of two British Intelligence operatives assigned to “Section 20”. This new 10-episode series will follow a similar storyline with an American SOF operator working with “Section 20”.

“Strike Back: Project Dawn”, coming soon from Cinemax and Sky 1.

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One Response to ““Strike Back” Coming Soon from Cinemax”

  1. Strike-Hold! says:

    Well, I hope the writinng and plot devices are better than in the original. To be fair, some of it was okay – but some of it was also clunky, school-boyish, and preposterous.

    I guess HBO are too busy with “True Blood” and “Game of Thrones” eh?